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About Accelerat0r

So you woke up  after your long sleep. I'm very surprised and excited! It... shouldn't suppose to happen, but there must be a reason...
So... let's have some fun! You'll face some platforming challenges to escape from ███████ or... No! I won't allow to escape. But I'm bored. So really... Let's have some fun!

You got the amazing device called ███ which allows you to... shoot things. Well... it's not supposed to be a weapon. But you can operate switches with it.
Also you got a special suit called Accelera0r which allows you to run at high speeds.  I'm glad you already equipped them. By the way, the suit is powered and sometimes, you need some recharge. The more it charged the more speed you get. Trust me, you'll need it!

Now, please... leave your room. I already created some challenges for you.

PS.: don't even try to escape. Enjoy your "freedom".

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