A downloadable game for Windows

Metroid / Megaman style platformer in progress! Fortunately not finished for GBJAM

Current version: V0.07

Planned features:

  • Open world exploration in many different areas
  • Get items to progress and upgrade your offence, defence and movement
  • Special abilities like time stop, wall jump
  • Fun platforming
  • Epic boss fights
It'll be done only after the jam, it just takes too much time to complete. Sadly...

In the current version

  • Time stop!
  • Bats...
  • Some platforming
  • GB style graphics
  • Badass character
  • Knives to throw
  • Playing with time (Q,E keys, W to use The World)
  • Some lighting
  • In-game palette change
  • Few rooms to discover*


  • Move left/ right: A,D
  • Jump: NUM5
  • Attack: NUM4
  • The World (Time Stop): W
  • Q, E control time scale
  • R: restart (won't reset time scale!)
  • L: toggle palette
  • V0.07
  • Added Metroid style room to room movement
  • Better character physics (less gravity, easier to jump longer distances)
  • An energy bar for special abilities
  • You can manually start and stop the time stop ability if you have enough energy
  • One way platforms
Known bugs:
  • No way to die
  • One way platform are kinda glitchy (you may fall through them sometimes)

Install instructions

Just extract the game to a folder you want to.

Wait for the full release!


Untitled Adventure game 0.07 2 MB
Unfinished GBJAM game 0.05 2 MB
Unfinished GBJAM game 0.04 2 MB

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