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My first jam game, finished 39th on #LOWREZJAM 2016!

Move, shoot, survive!

Yet Another Zombie Game is a wave based shooter game which plays in a dark scene where your only light source is your flash light!

You have an experimental energy based weapon FU-A1L, which can be upgraded with so called weapon mods which give your weapon different type of bullets!

But be careful, some of the upgrades are unknown and random! These random upgrades can be great or really bad! High risk, high reward? Or a huge failure? But in order to survive, you need to risk sometimes! Zombies and other creatures are coming in bigger number every wave and they're getting even faster and stronger!

Fortunately, upgrades and health can be found at the marked places after each wave! You decide to pick up a weapon randomiser or stay with your current trusted (but maybe obsolete) weapon mod!

Recommended to play in full screen mode with headphones!


WASD / xinput left stick - move
Mouse / xinput right stick - aim
Mouse left button / left shoulder: primary fire (uses more energy)
Mouse right button / right shoulder: secondary fire (uses little energy, weak)
Mouse wheel / shoulder buttons - flash light angle
F - Fullscreen toggle

Version history

Planned for later versions
  • Higher resolution
  • More enemy types
  • Boss fight
  • Online scoreboard
Second version in the voting session
  • Added weapon status bars so you can see what your weapon mod can do!
  • Fixed pause screen (didn't work after resizing window)
  • LOTS of new zombies!
  • More balanced gameplay
  • Better drop spawn placement (more random, but more chance to drop close to you)
  • Fixed weapon knock back (now different weapons have different knockback strength)
  • Some minimal improvements on shadows (Thanks to JackOatley for the suggestion)
  • Mouse locked within window, no more annoying clicking outside (Thanks to neiti for the suggestion!)
  • Other miscellaneous things
V1.1-pre update
First version in the voting session
  • Added lots of menus
  • Gameplay is written in the game
  • Little introduction was added
  • Added a menu to see the controls (for both keyboard and X360 controllers)
  • Totally reworked enemy spawn system (less predictable)
  • Brand new menu graphics with full title and highscore in right bottom corner
  • May contain glitches
Final version before the #LOWREZJAM 2016 voting session started
  • 3 enemy types
  • Multiple weapon modifications (including a special randomizer!)
  • Pause menu (glitchy graphics in fullscreen)
  • Infinite, progressively difficult waves
  • Adjustable flashlight angle
  • Stores highest score

Important note: The game wasn't 100% finished for the jam, which means I try to finish it and fix some of its problems. Any kind of feedbacks to improve the game would be highly appreciated!


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Yet Another Zombie Game - (v1.2) (12-05-16) 4 MB
Yet Another Zombie Game - (v1.1-pre2) (21-04-16) 4 MB
Yet Another Zombie Game - Final (18-04-16) 4 MB


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Didn't expect you to credit me for a suggestion there, but thanks lol. Good to see the implementation, it's a lot less distracting now the shadows don't appear when there's no light. :)

Although, I found the menu harder to navigate now, you lock the mouse in, but the cursor is invisible at that point and you have to guess the keyboard controls for it.

Let me know when you get that online scoreboard in! ;)

Sorry for the late reply!

Nah, it's not a big deal and thanks for the suggestion. Never thought about the menu keyboard control problem. The menu doesn't have mouse support at all currently. It works with keyboard and Xbox 360 controller, but it's a good point that maybe it can be confusing if you don't already know the controls. Also I know I forgot to add the weapon stats screen button for the controller, it works with keyboard by pressing shift. Not the most self explanatory thing though thanks to the not so clear icons.

I don't know when I'll implement the on-line scoreboard. I am working on a generic login/scoreboard that if I'll be happy with, then I can implement it to the game. Actually it's working, I can register, and log in, I different queries are working. So all I need is to copy that into this game... though I am thinking about the name and password input method (mainly because of the controller support). Now this simple prototype thing is generic keyboard only thing.

Also since it's out of the jam, probably I'll add 16:9 support because why not?

Wow, I accidentally released a version which started from a hellish 15th wave...
My apologies!

Fixed by v1.1-pre2.

New contents will be added soon! Including an epic boss fight!